8 Portree Restaurants We Always Recommend

An overview of the most popular and best restaurants in Portree. Here you’ll find everything from stunning seafoods, to perfectly cooked steak and fantastic wood fired pizza.

Portree Scotland Restaurants - A Guide

From fresh seafood to traditional Scottish fare, restaurants in Portree scotland provide an array of options that reflect both the local produce and the creative flair of Skye chefs. Our post aims to guide you through some of the most notable dining spots Portree, offering insights into their menus, ambience, and unique characteristics. Below we explore the best restaurants in Portree Isle of Skye, a true highlight for food enthusiasts visiting the Island..

Portree Restaurants
Portree Harbour


Fine Dining, Tasting Menus – +1 month advance booking essential

One of 3 or 4 restaurants that could be described as Skye’s BEST restaurant, and for many the best restaurant in Portree. Renowned for its tasting menu, Scorrybreac restaurant prides itself on utilising locally sourced ingredients, offering a true taste of Skye. Standout dishes include local meats, fish and vegetables, each prepared with a contemporary twist. The Scallop Tortellini served with a unique Whiskey Bisque is a fine representation of the restaurant’s innovative approach to traditional Scottish cuisine. An extensive wine pairing option, curated to complement each course, enhances the dining experience. The cosy, intimate setting of the restaurant, combined with its attentive service, creates a welcoming atmosphere. As Scorrybreac is highly sought after, advance reservations are essential to secure a table. The restaurant’s commitment to showcasing local produce and its sophisticated yet unpretentious menu makes it a noteworthy destination for anyone visiting the Isle of Skye.

The restaurant includes a small cocktail bar upstairs overlooking Portree harbour, perfect for pre and post dinner drinks.

Scorrybreac is accommodating towards dietary requirements, including offering vegetarian options and catering to specific allergies. Guests should inform the restaurant of any dietary needs in advance to ensure the best possible dining experience.

Dulse & Brose

Local food, Mid Range Price for Skye, +1 week advanced booking

With its soft lighting, and comfortable seating Dulse & Brose offers a welcoming experience just off the main street of Portree. Like all the best restaurants in Portree they are committed to using fresh, locally sourced Scottish ingredients. A highlight of their menu was the herring dish along with their smoked salmon. The bread and butter, typically a staple, stand out for their moreish deliciousness. Another standout recommendation is the Skye Ale Battered Fish & Chips.

The friendly and supportive staff enhance the dining experience, making each visit memorable. The cosy ambiance of Dulse & Brose, combined with its commitment to showcasing the best of local produce, makes it a favoured dining spot.

Due to its popularity, advanced reservations are essential. In short, Dulse & Brose encapsulates a perfect blend of great food and welcoming atmosphere easily accessed from the centre of Portree.

Dulse & Brose is accommodating towards various dietary requirements, offering options for vegetarians and catering to specific dietary needs such as gluten-free and dairy-free choices.

Chargrill Restaurant

Steakhouse and Grill with Inventive Vegan Options – +1 week advanced booking required

An approximately 5-minute walk from Portree’s main square Chargrill Restaurant stands out as the best option in Portree for Steak but also accommodates plant-based diners. Known for its unpretentious yet refined atmosphere, the restaurant offers a superb dining experience with a diverse menu to satisfy various tastes. Their meat and fish options are particularly noteworthy, served with an array of inventive accompaniments and notably some fantastic mashed potatoes. The restaurant also takes great care in its vegan options; the tofu steak well-seasoned marinade and served with great sides like broccoli tempura, provides a pleasant surprise for vegan guests.

The interior of the restaurant radiates a cosy and welcoming feel, enhanced by a team of staff known for their warmth and hospitality. Chargrill prides itself on a commitment to quality, reflected in their selection of fine wines and expertly mixed cocktails, contributing to a complete dining experience. You’ll find ample portion sizes, meticulous presentation of the meals, and a relaxed ambiance, all adding to what will be a memorable dining experience.

Making a reservation is highly recommended to secure a spot, but in our experience tables have been available with a few days notice.


Seafood and Delightful Harbour Setting +2 weeks’ notice for preferred seating

Located on the beautiful harbourfront in Portree, Sea Breezes has established itself as a favourite for seafood lovers. With a vibrant yellow facade, this restaurant stands out not only for its location but also for its fresh and locally sourced seafood. The menu, though not extensive, is crafted to showcase the best of what the local seas have to offer. Dishes like the Scallops with Fennel and Mushroom Risotto and the Seafood Platter are fantastic.

The Traditional Sticky Toffee Pudding and Cranachan are recommended for dessert, and the perfect end to your meal.

Sea Breezes restaurant is small but comfortable and typical of a Scottish setting, complete with Celtic music and a good selection of drinks. Its popularity means that reservations are a must, as the restaurant is known to fill up quickly, especially during peak times.

Sea Breezes also accommodate various dietary needs, though it’s worth noting that vegetarian options are limited. The emphasis here is clearly on seafood, and the restaurant does an admirable job of providing a range of choices to seafood enthusiasts. For those visiting Portree, a meal at Sea Breezes is often considered an essential experience, especially for those looking to enjoy the local flavours of Skye’s seafood.

Pizza In The Skye

Authentic Wood-Fired Pizza In Portree, Exceptional Value, Pre-Order Advised

If you fancy something more casual or have a pizza craving, Pizza in the Skye is a destination you shouldn’t miss. Operated by an owner who is clearly passionate about his craft, the Pizza Food Truck located around 15 15-minute walk from Portree Centre offers a range of pizzas that rival the best. From the classic Margherita to more inventive options like BBQ Pulled Pork and Cheesy Garlic Bread, the quality of the pizzas is consistently high. The excellent dough and fresh toppings are always generous.

What sets Pizza in the Skye apart is not just the food, but also the warm, welcoming service. The owner’s enthusiasm and friendliness are another great reason to visit.

Located beside the Skye Camanachd with plenty of parking space, the truck is perfect for a quick stop or for grabbing a bite to enjoy amidst Skye’s beautiful landscapes. Due to its popularity, it’s wise to pre-order via Facebook message or through their website, especially well ahead of peak meal times.

Pizza in the Skye offers great value for money, making it an accessible option for all. Whether you’re a pizza connoisseur or just looking for a satisfying meal, this food truck is a great choice.


Seafood and Good Quality Meals +1 week advanced booking for preferred seating

Cuchullin Restaurant in Portree is another excellent choice for seafood enthusiasts (although the menu here has been subject to change from time to time). Located on the main square in Portree with a menu – although not extensive – carefully curated to highlight the best local catches. Specialties like tender scallops served over creamy risotto and the diverse seafood platter are excellent.

For dessert, Cuchullin offers delightful choices such as traditional Scottish sweets, ensuring a satisfying end to your meal. The restaurant’s setting is comfortable, with Celtic music and a good local drink selection.

Its popularity means that booking in advance is recommended, as the restaurant tends to fill up quickly, especially during peak tourist seasons. Cuchullin also caters to various dietary requirements, but it’s essential to note that the focus is primarily on seafood.

Tongadale Hotel Restaurant

Comfort Food, Good Quality Meals at reasonable price. Booking not always possible. 

The Tongadale is an unpretentious bar that might give off a slightly old-fashioned vibe, but don’t let that fool you – the food here is great. The mussels come highly recommended. In fact, everything from the burgers to the pasta and seafood is done well here. This could be the best place for young families in Portree. 

Do bear in mind that you might have to wait for a table.

The bar offer a good selection of local gins and whiskies. It’s the perfect way to round off a meal here. This a very traditional ‘locals’ pub with hearty food, generous portions, and warm, welcoming service.

Antlers Bar & Grill

Pub Food, Good Quality Meals, Great Whisky Selection. Booking not always possible. 

In Portree, Antlers Bar & Grill is a solid choice for good food. Their fish and chips are a standout – the batter’s crispy, the fish is fresh, and it’s just done right. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, their sticky toffee pudding hits the spot too. It’s rich, sweet, and definitely worth trying.

Vegetarians have good options here too. The vegetable risotto is worth a try – it’s rich and full of flavour. Meat lovers should go for the slow cooked blade of beef. 

The place has a laid-back vibe, but they’re on the ball with service. It’s comfortable for a casual lunch or a more intimate dinner.

In short, Antlers is a good bet when you’re in Portree. Just make sure to book ahead if possible, as it can get pretty busy.

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