Chidakasha Skye & Nearby Attractions

Discover the exquisite blend of vegetarian Asian-inspired cuisine in a picturesque setting near Neist Point Lighthouse.

Chidakasha Skye Restaurant near Neist Point

Chidakasha Skye is located in Glendale, a picturesque and vast area siutated in the far North West of Skye. Glendale stretches over expansive moorlands, with its boundaries starting at Neist Point and reaching almost down to the MacLeod’s Maidens at Idrigill. The region showcases stunning natural landscapes, encompassing the slopes of MacLeod’s Tables and presenting picturesque views. The waters around the coast are teeming with marine life, including a variety of seabirds and dolphins that can often be spotted swimming near the shore. Glendale is conveniently located near the historic Dunvegan Castle, making it an ideal spot for those interested in exploring both the natural and cultural aspects of the Isle of Skye.

5 highlights of Chidakasha Skye Restaurant

  • Vegetarian Asian-inspired cuisine made with locally sourced ingredients.
  • Warm and welcoming atmosphere with seating for up to 12 guests.
  • Unique tea pairing concept with each dish expertly paired.
  • Gluten/dairy/egg-free options are available.
  • Friendly service and great decor for a truly memorable dining experience.
Skye Restaurants near Dunvegan Castle
Chidakasha Skye is between Neist Point and Dunvegan Castle

What You Can Expect

This vegetarian restaurant offers Asian-inspired cuisine made with locally sourced ingredients, many of which are grown by the owner, Petra. Diners can expect a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the small former croft that seats up to 12 guests per sitting. The restaurant is only open a few nights a week during peak season and reservations are highly recommended.

The menu is a culinary journey, with each dish expertly crafted and paired with a unique tea. The tea pairing is a novel concept that adds a sense of fun and flavor to the dining experience. Dishes like kale and quinoa cake are delicate and tasty, and are followed by sumptuous veggie curry, a delicious coconut crispy polenta in homemade yogurt sauce, and a flavorful chickpea and tamarind rice with a date and tamarind chutney. Desserts are light and flavorful, with options like cardamom pear and cashew cream, blackcurrant and cinnamon compote.

Chidakasha Skye is perfect for those with dietary restrictions, including gluten, dairy, and egg allergies, as well as vegans. The chef, Petra, is a genius in the kitchen, crafting meals that are not only delicious but also nourishing and satisfying. The service is friendly and welcoming, making every guest feel at home. The peaceful atmosphere and decoration make for a memorable place to eat.

Chidakasha Skye is completely unique on the Island. With its delicious food and expert tea pairings, it is unlike any dining experience you will have had before. If you’re in the area, make sure to plan a trip to this incredible wee restaurant.

Skye Restaurants near Neist Point
Glendale covers a vast area from Nesit Point to Macleods Maidens in the South

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