Neist Point & Exploring Nearby

Neist Point, Skye’s remote coastal wonder, presents an immersive experience. This guide covers your visit to Neist Point and nearby attractions, blending exploration with nearby food options.

Neist Point Isle of Skye Scotland

Neist Point, situated in the far northwest of Skye, is perhaps the most remote but accessible location on the Island, offering visitors unparalleled access to a uniquely coastal landscape. Located within Glendale, a vast and picturesque area that stretches from Neist Point to MacLeod’s Maidens at Idrigill, this destination showcases breathtaking views of the surrounding moorlands, coastline and the gentle slopes of MacLeod’s Tables. There are multiple places to stop en route for photographs and a glimpse of life on the edge of Skye. The local area is teeming with marine wildlife such as seabirds, basking sharks and dolphins, which can often be spotted near the shoreline.

To access Neist Point, visitors will require a car, as public transport options are limited in this remote area. The journey is challenging for some drivers not used to single-track roads. Visitors should be aware that there are no toilet facilities available at Neist Point, so planning ahead for comfort is essential. Additionally, the car park can become quite busy during peak times, including at sunset, when photographers line the coast waiting for the perfect light. Below, we have some tips on how to experience Neist Point at its best, including how to incorporate the lighthouse into the perfect day on Skye.

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Useful Neist Point Information

  • The stunning views of the rugged coastline, dramatic skies, and the lighthouse on the headland are breathtaking.
  • Great for photography, especially at sunset. 
  • An incredibly remote area offering the chance to spot wildlife.
  • Stargazing at Neist Point offers dark skies and a chance to see the Aurora Borealis in the right conditions
  • Solitude and Tranquility – although the car park can be a little busy the walk to the lighthouse itself is usually quiet and there is always a spot to yourself toward the lighthouse.

Directions to Neist Point Car Park

Use IV55 8WU postcode for your journey to Neist Point. The journey is an adventure in itself, with a single-lane road that can be quite busy. The drive offers beautiful views, but caution should be taken due to the road’s condition and limited passing opportunities. The car park is free, but visitors should be prepared for the poor condition of the road leading to it, with large potholes. It’s passable but take your time. 

Facilities at Neist Point

Neist Point lacks amenities, and the area can appear unkempt with broken paths, fences, and a gift shop we’ve never seen open. Visitors travel here for the stunning view and a chance to explore, but this is also a monument to times gone by. There are no toilets currently at this location. 

Neist Point 2 Hours before Sunset

Preparing for Your Neist Point Visit

Before setting off on a trip to Neist Point – as always – it’s advised to wear appropriate footwear with good tread, as the path down to the lighthouse can be slippery, steep, and muddy in some areas. Remember, this is the home of sheep. Too many to count. Your pristine white Balenciaga’s don’t stand a chance.

Waterproof clothing is also recommended, as the weather can be unpredictable. Additionally, packing a change of clothes and ensuring there is a warm car to return to is advisable. There is no public transport to Neist Point. Cycling would not be for the faint-hearted as you will be contending with drivers unfamiliar with the single-track roads.

Since there are no facilities such as toilets or rubbish bins, it’s important to carry essentials like water and snacks. This is a remote area with the nearest shops being some distance away. After 5 pm the nearest shop is 1 hour away in Portree.

Neist Point
The View Back

The Best Time to Visit Neist Point

To capture stunning views, visiting Neist Point during sunset is highly recommended. Sunset at Neist Point are well known, however, in our experience, it is still a quieter time and there is plenty of space to find a spot to yourself. Sitting at the very top of the Neist Point hillside, looking west is a favourite spot of ours. 

Arriving early in the morning allows visitors to avoid crowds and enjoy the landscape’s beauty in peace. There’s so much to do on Skye that is still unknown to most. As a rule of thumb, popular areas like this should be visited early or late, with the more hidden areas enjoyed in the daytime. 

The Short Walk to Neist Point Cliff Viewpoint

Taking a short (muddy) walk along the coast from the car park allows visitors to enjoy breathtaking views of Neist Point and its rugged coastline.

For iconic photos, heading to the viewpoint on the right is suggested. Though there may be many people, quiet spots can still be found to appreciate the scenery.

If you carry on further you will reach an old WW2 lookout, which may provide a nice shelter from the wind if it’s blowing a hoolie.

The Towering Neist Point Cliff Face

The Longer (Steep) Walk to the Lighthouse

The longer walk to the lighthouse takes approximately 30 minutes and provides a very unique reward at the end. Be prepared for a steep descent at the start and a challenging ascent at the end. The walk is well worth the effort, as visitors may even spot dolphins and whales along the way. The lighthouse itself is partially abandoned, with part still in operation. There is a bit of a ghostly feel about the place. There’s a real sense of isolation. You can explore the lighthouse and take a closer look at the foghorn. It’s just an interesting very memorable place. Some are upset to see it deserted, but once you’ve been – you’ll think – ‘Yeah, I couldn’t live there either!’.

The climb back to the car park isn’t fun, but if you are in reasonable shape you’ll be just fine.

Chidakasha Skye Restaurant Vegetarian

Nearby Neist Point Summary



Food Options and Restaurants Near Neist Point

Chidakasha Skye Restaurant

You can read our full review of Chidakasha Skye Restaurant here

In short, this hidden gem offers delightful vegetarian Asian-inspired cuisine made with locally sourced ingredients in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. They offer a unique tea pairing concept, expertly crafted for each dish. With gluten, dairy, and egg-free options available, Chidakasha Skye caters to various dietary preferences. Don’t miss out on a visit if you are passing by. 

The Three Chimneys Restaurant

The Three Chimneys has been one of the top restaurants in Scotland for well over 10 years.  The restaurant is nestled amidst breathtaking scenery which you will pass through on your way to Neist Point. This is the perfect place for a memorable meal or celebration.

The Three Chimneys offers a fixed-price menu with expertly matched wines, ensuring a harmonious culinary journey. Gluten-free options and alternatives are available, catering to guests with dietary restrictions. The menu features an array of local ingredients and delicacies, such as Loch Dunvegan Crab, succulent Langoustines, and tender Scallops.

Main courses showcase the finest local meats, including Vatten Croft Beef and Armadale Estate Red Deer. To round off the meal, indulge in desserts like Blossom Honey Roasted Plum or a fine selection of cheeses.

You’ll have a fantastic fine dining experience.

Other Attractions near neist point

Skye Restaurants near Dunvegan Castle
Dunvegan Castle

Visit Dunvegan Castle

You can read our full rundown of Dunvegan Castle and places to visit nearby here. The castle offers a fantastic glimpse into the life of clans that once ruled with western Isles. You can book a tour with a knowledgeable castle guide, or explore the castle yourself. 

You’ll also find stunning gardens to walk through as well as boat trips to see the local seals. Pairing your visit to Neist Point with Dunvegan Castle will allow you to make the most of your trip to Skye without covering the same ground twice. You have to pass Dunvegan Castle to get to Neist Point. 

The Walk to the Coral Beach 2 hours before sunset in Winter

Visit the Coral Beach

When planning a visit to Neist Point on the Isle of Skye, it’s highly recommended to take the opportunity to explore the nearby Coral Beach, as you’ll be passing close by on your way to Neist Point. Combining these two stunning destinations will make for a truly unforgettable day.

Coral Beach is a beautiful, small beach approximately a mile from the car park. With its crystal-clear waters and unique crushed shell ‘sand,’ it’s a picturesque spot to relax and take in the scenery. The walk from the car park to the beach takes around half an hour, so ensure you wear suitable footwear and clothing, as the weather on Skye can be changeable. There are no facilities at the car park or beach, so remember to bring everything you need.

Visit The SkyeSkyns Tannery In Waternish

This isn’t directly on the way to Neist Point, but you do drive past the road to Waternish on your way from Portree. You can stop into SkyeSkyns for a coffee and a short 20-minute tour of the traditional sheep skin tannery. SkyeSkyns only produces products from sheep hides that would otherwise be thrown away. 

Emphasizing environmental care and sustainability, Skyeskyns offers an informative, no-pressure tour of their factory, which takes about 20 minutes. After learning about their tanning process, you can explore their well-stocked, beautifully presented showroom located in the attic, featuring a wide range of luxurious sheepskins, home accessories, and sustainably made clothing. While you’re welcome to ask questions and try on items, there’s no obligation to make a purchase. As an added treat, once you’ve finished browsing, you can relax and enjoy a lovely coffee and cake at their coffee shop housed in a cosy yurt next door. SkyeSkyns has a fantastic local reputation.

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