Tips for Visiting Skye With a Young Family

There are so many activities for kids on the Isle of Skye. To ensure your experience is comfortable and tantrum-free, follow these child-friendly tips.

'Skye is the perfect place for kids, with a little forward planning'

David MacDonald
Isle of Skye Guide

Travelling to the Isle of Skye with children presents a unique blend of excitement and few challenges you can offset with some simple planning. Skye, known for its breathtaking landscapes and family-friendly activities, offers an unforgettable experience for those prepared for the journey.

Your family trip to Skye will be an exciting and diverse experience that your children will cherish for years to come.

Portree Bay

Packing a Travel Bag: The Key to Convenience

Embarking on a journey to Skye necessitates a well-thought-out travel bag. Essential items like snacks, wet wipes, nappies, and basic medicines are indispensable for tackling unexpected situations on the road. An easily accessible bag ensures a smooth experience, especially during lengthy car travels across Skye’s scenic routes.

Be sure to pack sunscreen and a sunhat for young children. Although Skye is not famous for its sunny weather, the temperature can be misleading. Whilst the wind can feel cold, the sun can still burn, especially on the coast. On the water or by the sea, sunburn happens faster with more damaging effect.

Embracing Regular Breaks: A Strategy for Sanity

You won’t be able to avoid at least a few long drives. Not least the journey to get here. Long drives can be taxing for both adults and children. Regular stops are not just opportunities for toilet and snack breaks; they’re essential for stretching legs and exploring. Skye’s landscape is dotted with fascinating stopovers, from seaside villages to historic sites, enriching your journey far beyond the confines of the car.

On Skye, it’s especially important to plan toilet stops as the facilities outside of major towns are limited. There are toilets at Storr and the Fairy Pools, but not many elsewhere out of town.

The winding roads to and around Skye can challenge even the sturdiest of stomachs. Keeping the windows slightly open and eyes focused on the landscapes outside, rather than toys or phones will help. Packing a basic first aid kit with motion sickness remedies, along with a few handy bandages and plasters, is a small step that can prevent major discomforts.

Comfortable Clothing & Towels

Opt for layers, considering Skye’s unpredictable weather. Waterproofs will likely be essential. Wellies will be well used, with plenty of opportunities to trample through streams, puddles and wet sandy beaches.

Swimming costumes and sandals will come in handy for impromptu beach visits. Bring a few beach towels along with you too. These will be handy for any surprise downpours to 

A mat to escape from and clean sand while getting changed back into travel clothes will also help with comfort. Sand in socks may eventually cause a tantrum, best not to give them the justification if at all possible!

Strategic Snacking

Snacks serve as both a distraction and a way to keep energy levels up. Whilst out and about, you’ll notice there aren’t many shops or cafes dotted around. You’ll want to bring a packed lunch and drinks with you wherever you go. You can get supplies in Coop the Grocery stores located in Portree & Broadford.

Alternatively, in Portree you can head to The Mackenzies Bakery to collect some fantastic sandwiches, rolls and cakes for the day. These are far superior to anything you’ll find in the grocery store. You can also visit Relish in Portree for soups and sandwiches.

South of the island in Broadford, you can pick up sandwiches in Gasta Deli, or Mana Roll and Coffee shop or The Coffee Bothy.

Nearby the Quiraing and Storr the best option for kids is Columba 1400. This is a great cafe with nice views and is community run.

In the north of Skye in Uig The Galley Cafe & Takeaway is a good option.

West near Dunvegan castle you have a few family friendly options. Visit the Community Cafe or Blas for lunch and snack collections. 

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